Before we delve into the definition of G-Staking, we can ask ourselves this question first: What is Staking?

Staking means keeping digital assets in a certain crypto space to help the operations of a blockchain network. Specifically, these cryptocurrencies will be frozen to help the network flow because, if you…

It’s perfectly understandable that some of you may have been worried because our team hasn’t been as active for a little while but now we are back. We’ve been renovating many different aspects of things all this time to serve you the better services.

As of August 20th, we are…

When most people hear the word ‘cryptocurrency’ or ‘Bitcoin’, what would naturally come to their mind? Their first thought is often these cryptocurrencies are nothing but computer money that would have no real use-cases in our practical daily life.

No surprises there as to why people have grown doubtful about…

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