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When most people hear the word ‘cryptocurrency’ or ‘Bitcoin’, what would naturally come to their mind? Their first thought is often these cryptocurrencies are nothing but computer money that would have no real use-cases in our practical daily life.

No surprises there as to why people have grown doubtful about these digital assets; we’ve witnessed many crypto coins that have decreased in value over time. People in general have lost their faith in crypto space since the notorious ICO boom left a bad impression behind. The vast majority of coin projects have failed due to their absence of ecosystem, business plans that are deemed far from reality.

Judging from these failed precedents in the past, would you rush to the conclusion that all the cryptocurrencies are impractical and crypto’s days are numbered?

The cryptocurrency revolution has barely begun. There are now new coins with real assets-backed on the horizon.

GMM is a real asset based coin designed to increase its value over time. Its business program is directly invested in gold. All accumulated gold is directly connected to the coin, protecting it as a real asset in the bank and trusting it to have the safest gold standard making sure the value of the coin will only increase with time.

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Screenshots of gameplay on GMM Asset Plus application

GMM (stands for Gold Mining Members) has its own gaming platform that just launched this month. The GMM mobile gaming app will allow users to play games and earn reward in cryptocurrencies.

GMM will help increase industry awareness regarding how the real-asset backed digital token ecosystem can be secured and scaled, trying to set a precedent of legitimate crypto & real assets connected ecosystem.

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